Cold snap danger to sheared sheep

SHEEP graziers across Wangaratta district are being reminded to watch for any upcoming cold snaps if they’re planning to shear stock this spring.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) district veterinary officer, Natarsha Williams, said woolly sheep have an amazing ability to manage their temperature throughout the seasons.

“The insulating property of wool enables sheep to adapt to significant variations in temperature but after shearing these adapting mechanisms are temporarily lost for about four to six weeks,” she said.

Geographical location might also play a part with temperatures and provision of shelter for livestock.

Taminick sheep grazier Graham Coulson said his stock are well protected by the weather as his farm is set on hilly country where temperatures are slightly higher and stock can seek refuge from the wind.

He is running 100 ewes and he will soon sell off 130 April born lambs at the Corowa Saleyards.

The lambs are in good condition due to a healthy season.

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