A discount for some farmers

SINGLE farming enterprises over 40 hectares in size will get a leg up with a new Rural 2 zone in the Rural City of Wangaratta.

A discount on rates will apply to the new zone, marginally lifting the burden of municipal rates each year.

The Rural 2 rate type will come into play from July 1 and municipal rates will be charged at 70 per cent, while Rural 1 zoned properties will remain at 73.1 per cent.

“We all realise that rates can get quite horrendous for farmers,” council administrator Ailsa Fox said.

“Properties over 40ha make up the vista and are part of the appeal for the rural city, so it’s important we protect the rural amenity.

“Last week’s council meeting coincided with distribution of the quarterly rates notices and a ratepayer brought to my attention that they had to pay $800 extra last quarter than the previous year.”

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