Landcare budget cut

MAJOR funding cuts Landcare in last week’s Federal Budget may trigger a major refocus on land conservation works within the North East.

The government is cutting $484m from Landcare, but ploughing $300m into the Green Army, which will resemble that of the former Greencorps.

The program will support 250 projects in 2014-15, 500 projects in 2015-16 and 750 projects in 2016-17.

North East Landcare stalwart, Pat Larkin, said the change will make “a hell of a lot of difference to Landcare” and his main concern was about to what degree conservation projects were carried out.

“As long as the innovations of Landcare are continued such as revegetation, stream management, along with salinity and erosion reversal programs, the Green Army could be a good replacement,” he said.

“Soil health development programs have also been very useful.

“I’m not surprised funding has been reduced for Landcare, as there have been cuts across the board with the budget.”

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