Sheep grazier warning after death of lambs

AN Everton livestock producer has put out a warning to other sheep graziers after losing 27 new-born lambs.

James Fowler, a sheep farmer for 20 years, lost the lambs at the end of June due to cool temperatures at his Violet Town property.

He bought 600 already joined ewes that were due to lamb in June/July and a cold snap and consistent rain made conditions tough for some of the mob.

“It happened over about 40 hours of tough conditions and of the 27, six would have died anyway due to other health issues,” he said.

“One of the lambs that died was three days old and the rest had just dropped and would have barely made it to their feet.”

Mr Fowler had the choice of yarding the sheep at either of the two locations, but he thought there would be more chance of cooler weather at Everton.

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