Bridgette has a world food focus

BRIDGETTE Byrne (pictured) from Dockers Plains has been selected to take part in the upcoming Youth Ag-Summit – a global youth conference in Canberra involving 100 young leaders aged 18 to 25 from around the world.

Bridgette, who is in her second year studying science at Monash University, was chosen from more 2000 entrants who were required to submit a 1500 word essay outlining their position and ideas on the underlying causes of food insecurity and its effect on a growing population.

Essays were received from 87 countries with candidates tackling topics including food wastage, local produce, education and awareness of agricultural practices – all of which will contribute to the conference agenda.

Bridgette’s essay submission highlighted how the inadequate investment into research and implementation of new science and technologies on farms will have an effect on our future ability to feed a hungry planet.

She also stressed the need to focus on infrastructure and waste to help feed a growing world population.

“I have a real concern about urban growth and the reducing amount of agricultural land,” she said.

“How are we going to feed a world population of nine billion people in an environment and socially sustainable way?

“We need to feed everyone, not just the developed countries.”

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