A shift from fruit to beef

A SHORTAGE of natural feed and difficulty finding an agistment property led Greg Collins to sell 44 black angus shorthorn cross weaners at last Friday’s Wangaratta Store Cattle Sale.

“We would usually keep them for spring but with the autumn being so tough we diced to sell early,” Mr Collins said.

“It’s the same every year around Stanley and Beechworth; once the feed has gone in the hills we are going into winter without any natural feed.

“We usually get agistment but we couldn’t get any this year competition is so strong.”

Greg and his wife Katherine have 200 acres which had grown apples, along with some cattle, for five generations but about four years ago Greg decided beef was the way to go.

“Fruit was just too hard,” he said the decision has worked out well over the last 18 months and Mr Collins was hoping prices would remain strong for a while yet.

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