Seasonal outlook for spring

IT may feel a bit cold to be talking about warmer weather, but this time of year is exactly when scientific modelling starts to get more reliable on the seasonal outlook for spring.

Agriculture Victoria seasonal risk agronomist Dale Grey has again been crunching the numbers, and will present his first spring forecast in the form of a webinar.

Mr Grey, who has been providing seasonal climate risk information for Victoria for the past 10 years, is inviting people to register for the talk now.

“The models have most skill at the end of July as they look forward to the all-important August to October period,” Mr Grey said.

The presentation will show where the current IOD-event is up to, and where the La Nina formation is going.

“I’ll also have by then the most recent model outlook for temperature and rainfall,” he said.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, July 27 from noon.

For system requirements to join the webinar, go to http://support.citrixonline. com/ webinar/ all_files/ G2W010003.

To register for the webinar, go to -https: //attendee. register /1613925115805221122.

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