Cherries ripe for picking

IF you like cherries, visiting a local orchard 15 minutes from Wangaratta to stock up is a must before Christmas.

Eldorado Orchards now offers farm gate sales as well as opening the orchard for visitors to pick their own.

Since taking over the orchard last season from her parents, Jessee Schulz Dahlenburg, along with partner Stefan Heintjes, have revamped the business.

The couple, who relocated from Melbourne, made the decision to stop selling wholesale due to low prices being paid, and Jessee said they make the same money getting customers through the gate to pick their own.

“We were getting about $6 per kilogram selling wholesale, which is what we charge for people to come in and pick their own cherries,” she said.

“Wholesalers were getting our premium cherries at that price, so we decided to stop selling wholesale and instead have farm gate sales and open the orchard up on the weekends so people can pick their own.

“We sell cherries that we pick for $10 per kilogram.

“Having this selling system is better because we get to see where the cherries are going.”

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