Boon for oats, boom for wheat

IT has been a varied season for local grain farmers, but despite extended wet conditions across North East Victoria knocking wheat production around, grain buyer Wayne McMonigle from Whitty Produce says the quality of oats he’s seen this year is the best he’s ever seen.

“Like wheat, canola was patchy this season,” Wayne said.

“The oil content was very good, but the yields were down, as the canola doesn’t handle the wet very well.

“And though the wheat yields weren’t good, due to the same reason, the worst thing for wheat was the price.”

Prices at the silo for wheat were $170 a tonne, down $70 from last year, when it was fetching closer to $240.

And it isn’t expected to rise in the near future either, with huge volumes of wheat coming out of the Mallee, Northern Riverina and Western District.

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