Doing time behind bars and farm fences

At Langi Kal Kal Stud they are not only raising notable Angus bulls, but rehabilitating a generation of men
The Southern Farmer
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DOING HARD TIME: Corrections Victoria’s agricultural manager Matthew Menhennet has bolstered not only the bulls, but also the men, at Langi Kal Kal Prison’s Angus stud over the last 12 years.

HER Majesty’s Prison Langi Kal Kal in the rolling hills of Trawalla, 40km west of Ballarat, is one of several low-security penitentiaries in country Victoria.

And though its attached farming program is not completely unique, the quality and reputation of their cattle stud has grown to surpass all expectations.

The days at Langi Kal Kal aren’t the same as most prisons.

The main building is a historical Victorian-style double storey building erected in 1938.

Originally a farmhouse, it fronts a large man-made pond and is surrounded by the expansive grange.

Here, inmates live in what has been described as closer to a retirement village than a hard lock-and-key gaol.

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