Drones to replace motorbikes

North East & Goulburn-Murray Farmer
UP, UP AND AWAY: John Davison from Airview believes drones will soon replace a lot of the jobs a motorbike is needed for on a farm.

AIRLINE pilot John Davison and airline engineer David Storen teamed up two years ago and founded Airview Drones.

They started off doing mostly real estate photography, but have since identified a major opportunity in farming drones.

They offer drones for basic trough and gate inspections, through to checking sheep and cattle without the need to go into paddocks, open gates and drive around – which can be especially handy in winter.

“You can fly a drone and check out the lambing or calving without disturbing the herd,” said Mr Davison.

“And we can scan paddocks with special cameras and tell you how they’re doing.”

They can detect soil erosion and perform quantity estimating, if you need to cut out land for a house or dam.

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