Success with the milk of a different kind

The Southern Farmer
KIDDING AROUND: Sandy and Julie Cameron have carved out a large niche for themselves at Meredith Dairy.

The 1990 Australian wool crisis certainly threw a spanner in the works for Julie and Sandy Cameron, but it was far from disaster.

In fact, you could say it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

It was just before the crisis that the pair had taken up residence at Mr Cameron’s family farm in Meredith.

They arrived to take over the Merino herd that had been established over the last decade, after the farm was converted from a fat lamb and Angus operation that had been running since 1924.

Both were brought up from farming roots, and after a meeting in Western Australia 30 years ago, they were married.

“Sandy was doing a veterinary PhD at the time, but all he ever really wanted was to be on a farm,” said Mrs Cameron.

“And I came off a Merino farm in South Australia, so we both had that farming link.”

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