Being born in Gippsland was the beginning of Adam’s story

I don’t think my outlook would be as positive as it has been without the support I have received from asking myself am I really ok?
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DON’T GIVE UP: Adam is the first farmer to appear in the Gippsland Jersey Calendar, featured for the month of June. Here, Adam shares his story. PHOTO: Paul Rodgers

ADAM’S story begins on a dairy farm in Gippsland – born and raised.

Adam’s mental health has been a big part of his journey over the past two years.

He has always known when to seek help from trusted friends, family and professionals when the pressures of the farm, and life in general, have become overwhelming.

“Be willing to take a step back, assess the whole situation,” Adam advises.

“Honestly ask the question, ‘is this the best decision for me?’,”

This is the question Adam had to ask himself after the milk price crash of 2016.

He made the heavy and incredibly difficult decision to walk away from his own dairy operation – an operation that he thought would be his one and only career; an operation he had started planning more than 10 years earlier, at a very young age, with the purchase of his first registered Holstein heifer.

His decision was made a little easier through a brush with reality TV only 12 months earlier on “Farmer wants a Wife”.

This opened Adam’s mind up to the possibilities of a life beyond the farm.

“I didn’t realise how socially isolated I had become until I was thrown back into ‘life’ through the series,” Adam said.

“I realised that I enjoyed and also needed that extra contact with people that my solitary life on the farm was missing.”

Adam’s story continues to unfold: it’s a story of resilience, heartache and strength.

His life began on a dairy farm, but likely won’t end on one.

“I don’t regret any of it, and am open to the new and exciting possibility of my future,” he said.

“I don’t think my outlook would be as positive as it has been without the support I have received from asking myself am I really ok?”

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