Superheros wear gumboots, not capes

North East & Goulburn-Murray Farmer
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SUPERHEROS WEAR GUMBOOTS: Imogen is a first generation dairy farmer, and credits her dairy herd as being one of the reasons she gets up every morning. PHOTO: Petite Visuals

IMOGEN the super-farmer.

Well, that’s how we like to think of her.

Currently heavily pregnant with her first child at 27 years of age, working full time on a dairy farm, and having overcome great mental health challenges, Imogen refers to the dairy industry as her personal life saver.

Although not from farming roots, Imogen discovered a true love for the life that dairy farming brings after becoming burnt out in her previous retail management position.

She finds the change from dealing with customers to working with the animals, in the outdoors and in a physically challenging role, more fulfilling.

She’s discovered a resourcefulness and resilience she didn’t know she had.

Dairy farming, coupled with the determination to get medical support to overcome her diagnosed depression and anxiety, has seen her enjoying the sunrises again.

“Every day is different – the sun will come up, keep trying,” Imogen said.

“When I’ve had hard times, I look forward to the next sunrise.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems.”

Imogen says that while some days you might venture down to her dairy shed and find her crying while she milks, the need to be responsible for the animals that depend on her drives her onwards.

Not all superheros wear capes, some wear gumboots.

Despite the stigma that is still attached to mental illness always find time to stop and seek help.

2018 holds many challenges and changes for Imogen and her partner, but with her cape on and her gumboots close by, she knows the days ahead will be bright.

This story is re-printed with permission from the Gippsland Jersey Calendar

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