Jessie receives award for tops in agriculture

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AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE: Jessie Reed of Mansfield was recently awarded the Alister Say Memorial Award in agriculture for outstanding work through her school-based apprenticeship. Jessie commenced her apprenticeship through FCJ College Benalla in partnership with Dockers Plains Pastoral Company in Wangaratta. Working at Dockers Plains Pastoral Company, Jessie is often accompanied by her ‘in training’ pup Tink.
Pam Zierk-Mahoney

LOCAL Mansfield girl Jessie Reed was recently awarded the Alister Say Memorial Award in agriculture for outstanding work through her school based apprenticeship.

Jessie commenced a school-based apprenticeship through FCJ College Benalla in partnership with Dockers Plains Pastoral Company in Wangaratta, currently managed by Dane and Ingrid Martin.

She commenced her Certificate III in Agriculture through Wodonga TAFE in May this year and under the guidance of her coordinator, Gary Baxter, has almost completed all the required modules/subjects of learning well ahead of her allotted time.

Recognised for diligence and enthusiasm for all things involving agriculture Jessie was nominated to receive the Alister Say Memorial Award.

On Monday, December 9, she was presented the award at the FCJ College annual awards night held at the PAC in Benalla.

Along with the award, Jessie received $200 kindly donated by the Say family.

Showing such dedication and enthusiasm for her work in agriculture will see her working over school holidays at Dockers Plains as well as assisting with the harvest with local Mansfield pastoralists, Parkseeds.

Jessie has demonstrated in-depth understanding of her work by implementing theory into practice, enthusiastically participating in all aspects of farming tasks.

With her young Kelpie pup, Tink, she enjoys working with animals and is now quite proficient at rounding up livestock.

Dane and Ingrid Martin, along with their staff, have provided amazing opportunities for Jessie to become increasingly confident with her work by including her in every aspect of farm duties.

“I think for somebody as focused and as determined as Jessie she’s got a very bright future ahead of her and the reason why we are so proud to have her working with us,” Ingrid said.

“She is so keen to learn and not afraid to ask why she is doing a task she has been asked to do.

“She is a practical girl and as agriculture is a high risk industry there is always concern when you take on a young person like that, but she has shown a lot of maturity and capability.

“We are excited for her, and if there was a position available we would not hesitate to take her on because she is a very valuable member of the team.

“She has the ability to work well within the team and she is respected and carries her own.

“She is so capable and polite, grounded, everything you want.

“I feel this is a real career path for Jessie – it’s exciting.”

WELL DESERVED: Jessie Reed with her well-deserved Alister Say Memorial Award.

Jessie has had incredible support from her teachers at FCJ College, with Mrs Crook and Mr Durance always providing her with support and encouragement.

Her apprenticeship couldn’t be possible without them.

Jessie’s Wodonga TAFE team leader Gary Baxter said she is obviously very passionate about agriculture and has indicated that this is where her future is.

“Jess has the perfect storm of people around her that support her and in particular she is supported by Dockers Plains Pastoral Company,” Mr Baxter said.

“Jessie’s family have been very obliging, taking Jess to Wodonga for additional training – also travelling to Wangaratta where the farm is and it also has to be acknowledged that her school has been very obliging as well.

“All I can say is that Jessie’s ticking along very well in her studies and practical work experience.”

Jessie will commence year 12 at FCJ College in 2020, and with the support of Mr Baxter at Wodonga TAFE, will complete her Certificate III in Agriculture.

And after secondary college Jessie plans on going on to Agricultural College to study for a degree in Agriculture.

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